The 10 best and largest skateparks in Stockholm

In Stockholm there are many skateparks and some of them are really good. To help you find the best skateparks in Stockholm we have put together this list of the 10 best and largest skateparks in Stockholm.  

Next time you visit Stockholm and want to go skateboarding, this is the Skateboard parks to make a visit.

Highvalley Skateworld, skate park in the suburb Högdalen, Stockholm.

Highvalley Skateworld in Stockholm

The skatepark in Högdalen in Stockholm has a large bowl area in three different heights, a Mega Ditch, a mini ramp and a smal area for street.

Address: Magelungsvägen, 124 59 Bandhagen
Area: 5500 sqm (59200 Square feet)
Here you can go: skateboarding (Not BMX or kickbike)

Lighting: yes. Parking: yes. Toilets: yes. Café: Yes.
Inaugurated: 2012. Designed by: Pillar Studios. Built by: Artisan Skateparks.

Brotherhood Plaza in the suburb Skarpnäck, Stockholm Sweden.

Brotherhood Plaza Skatepark in Skarpnäck

This large and creative street are i the suburb Skarpnäck is a unique skatepark. Here you find a skatepark like no other, a must go when visiting Stockholm. There is also a boel with spine.

Rålis Skatepark, stockholm
Rålis skatepark in the Rålambshov Park, Stockholm.

Rålis skatepark

In the park Rålambshovsparken (Rålambshov Park) you find the large Rålis skatepark situated under the bridge ”Lilla Västerbron”. This is a very popular and well-known skate park (with many kickbike riders), which means that it often gets crowded. If you want some space, visit early mornings.

Address: Rålambshovsparken, Stockholm.
Area: 1400 sqm (15069 Square feet).
Here you get to go: skateboarding, scooter and inline skating.
Lighting: Yes
Toilets: Public toilets are available in the park.
Subway: Fridhemsplan
Bus stop: Västerbroplan
Inaugurated: November 2010
Located in the area Kungsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Stockholm Skate Park is situated in Fryshuset, a youth center in Stockholm founded in 1984. Foto: Fryshuset Stockholm skatepark

Fryshuset skatepark

The legendary skatepark in Fryshuset, named ”Stockholm Skate Park”, is the best indoor arena for skateboarding in Stockholm. The skateparks has two halls covering a total of 1600 square meters with street, miniramp, pool and vert ramp.

Address: Mårtensdalsgatan 2-8, 12030 Stockholm.
Area: 1600 sqm (17222 Square feet).

Gubbängen skatepark
Large bowl area with nice flow.

Address: Gubbängsvägen 80, 123 22 Farsta.

Barn åker i skateparken i Åva, Täby

Täby – Åva skatepark
Street, bow and kidney pool.
Area: 800 kvm

Address: Åva Skolgränd 1,183 34 Täby.

Vårby skatepark – Ravinen
Street and large bowls.

Address: Vårby allé 26, 143 40 Vårby.

Kristineberg skatepark
Area: 750 kvm

Address: Elersvägen 37, 112 51 Stockholm.

Drakenbergs skatepark – Tantolunden
Smal byt nice street skatepark located in Södermalm near Zinkensdamm and Hornstull in Stockgholm.

Address: Hornsviksstigen, 117 41 Stockholm.

Tumba skatepark – Tuna
Street and a bowl.
Area: 600 kvm

Address: Sven Tumbas park, 147 40 Tumba

Classic skatespots in Stockholm

Humlegården skatepark
Street and a legendary miniramp.

Address: Engelbrektsgatan 19, 114 32 Stockholm.
Area: 300 kvm

Björns Trädgård in Stockholm
Two bowls near Medborgarplatsen in Södermalm in the central parts of Stockholm.

Address: Tjärhovsgatan 6, 116 21 Stockholm.
Metro: Medborgarplatsen